Student Administrative Council

Student Administrative Council (SAC)

Students elect a new Student Administrative Council each school year. The role of the Student Administrative Council is to:

    • Foster co-operation and understanding within a Catholic setting;

    • Build school spirit;

    • Promote a positive and enjoyable school environment;

    • Encourage student and staff participation in all aspects of school life;

    • Provide an active forum for all students for both academic and social concerns; and

    • Provide a means for students to gain leadership experience.

The S.A.C. accomplishes this by organizing and sponsoring student activities such as spirit weeks, school dances, theme days, lunch-time activities and other events. S.A.C. also represents the student body and their concerns to the staff and administration of Holy Cross.

SAC Representatives (2018-2019)

President: Jack Johnson Vice President: Maggie Doris

Trustees: Sr. - Cali Brake Jr. - Evvie Fisher

Secretary: Jessica Itong Treasurer: Sophia Lee

Social Convener: Jon Hughes

Public Relations Director: Jodi Overwijk

Club Liaison Representatives: Kathleen Paul, Emma Scarlett

Mental Health Representative: Mya Juskiw

Spirit Representative: Allison Smith

Grade Representatives: 12 - Armin Omranipour

11 - Joseph Roper

10 - Sameer Zulifiqar

9 - Eli McColl, Kathleen Walsh