Admission and Registration

For registration at Holy Cross, all forms marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed and signed by parents/guardians. More information can be found below in the Registration Checklists.

The personal information contained on the forms is collected in accordance with the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Emergency Response Procedures information is collected for the purpose of responding to a medical emergency and will be reviewed annually. Questions with respect to this information should be directed to the school Principal.

If you are coming from one of our six feeder schools (St. Alphonsus, St. Catherine, St. John, Msgr O'Donoghue, St. Paul (Norwood), St. Patrick):


                  Step 1    Log into the parent portal, at your elementary school:

                                 St. Alphonsus:

                                 St. Catherine:

                                 St. John:

                                 Msgr. O’Donoghue:

                                 St. Paul, Norwood:

                                 St. Patrick: 

                              on the top left, there is a highlighted "Online Student Registration” You would click on that.

                  Step 2    Then you choose the Secondary School you want to register in from the drop down menu. 
                  Step 3    Then you choose your Grade 8 student’s name (do not select NEW) from the next drop down menu (this is important or it sends a blank form)
                  Step 4    Then choose PVNC Catholic DSB Student Internal Transfer form - it’s the one on the left.
                  Step 5    Complete and submit.

If you are new to the PVNCCDSB, please click on the below "Online Registration" Link

* Online Registration  

If you require any additional information please email  Susanne Denney  - Guidance Secretary 

Grade Specific Forms

Forms/Notices for Students in All Grades

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