Guidance and Co-operative Education Department

The Guidance Program at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School provides all students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will help them to know themselves, to help them to relate effectively to others, and help them to establish appropriate educational and career plans. This program involves all staff member including administration, Chaplains, Special Education, Resource and Teacher Assistants, business and professional establishments.  It takes place under the umbrella of the Catholic philosophy of our school.

The department has established many ways to assist our students; has built up a comprehensive library of printed and digital material and calendars to provide up to date information and uses computer programs to assist students in occupational choice.  Educational plans are established with students as they continue through high school.  Each year they are reviewed, using accumulated information in their Individual Pathway Plan (I.P.P.) as a further aid to assist with decision making about education and career plans, as well as exit planning.

Students in grade nine are supported by Peer Counsellors, who meet with students four times each semester to support healthy choices, organization, and course selection as well as our robust Link Crew transition program (a mentoring program with older students). Students in grade 12 experience two "Grade 12 Days": a Pathway Day in September, and a Exit Planning Day in April. In addition to this, counselling is provided to students in grades 9-12 on a ongoing basis

GRADUATE POST SECONDARY PLANNER - this document contains important dates for planning your future!

Some websites that may help with career planning for all Pathways include:




Students in senior grades are encouraged to sign up for post-secondary scholarship/bursary databases, particularly early in their grade 12 year. The following two are recommended:

We look forward to meeting you in Guidance. We are happy to help present you with many options! Our office is a student centered environment, and a preferred homework place for many students throughout the day!