Falls Sport Recap 2023-24

Junior and Senior Girls rugby both go undefeated on their way to Kawartha and COSSA Gold, the seniors will head to OFSAA in the spring

Junior Football went undefeated and won Kawartha and COSSA Gold, and will compete in the Metro Bowl

Senior Football finished second, losing in the Kawartha final and then went on to defeat Trenton in the AA COSSA Championship

Cross Country finished just outside of OFSAA contention

Jr Girls Basketball lost in the Kawartha semi-finals

Sr Boys' volleyball lost 2-3 in the Kawartha finals and will advance to COSSA Nov.15

Field Hockey lost to HHSS in the finals 2-0. 

Jr boys' volleyball lost in the Kawartha semi-finals.

Spring Sports Recap 2022-23

SPRING SPORTS RECAP 2022-23: The Holy Cross Hurricanes finished off a strong spring season appearing in 6 OFSAA tournaments (Badminton, Tennis, Soccer, Boys' and girls' lacrosse and girls' rugby), and medalling in two of them. We won 4 COSSA championships (soccer, boys' lacrosse, tennis, and badminton.) 

Badminton - Junior boys mixed doubles Kawartha Gold; Senior girls' doubles Kawartha and COSSA Gold

Girls' Soccer - Kawartha and COSSA gold

Girls' Rugby - OFSAA Silver 

Boys' Lacrosse - Kawartha/COSSA Gold; OFSAA antique bronze

Girls' Lacrosse - Kawartha/COSSA finalist

Tennis - Mixed Double Kawartha and COSSA Gold

Winter Sports Recap 2022-23

WINTER SPORTS RECAP 2022-23: The Holy Cross Hurricanes finished off a strong winter season appearing in 4 COSSA championships, making it to the semi finals in 3, 4 Kawartha finals and earned 1 Kawartha Championship in men's doubles Badminton.

Varsity Boys' Hockey - Was first place in the regular season, lost in the Kawartha final in OT

Junior Basketball- Lost in the Kawartha Championship, and COSSA semi final

Senior Basketball- Lost in the Kawartha Championship, and COSSA semi final

Badminton - Mixed doubles won Kawarthas.

Fall Sports Recap 2022

FALL SPORTS RECAP 2022- The Holy Cross Hurricanes finished off a strong fall season appearing in 5 COSSA finals, and earned 1 COSSA Gold, 1 OFSAA Trip, 4 COSSA silver

2 Kawartha Champions

Varsity Field Hockey - Kawartha and COSSA Finalists; represented COSSA at OFSAA

Junior Football - Kawartha Champs and "AAA" COSSA silver medalists

Junior Girls' Rugby- Kawartha and "AA" COSSA Champs

Senior Girls' Rugby- Kawartha silver medalists "AA" COSSA silver medalists

Senior Boys' Volleyball - Kawartha Finalists and COSSA silver medalists


Holy Cross supports our Board's mission of Healthy Active Living and Sport providing a variety of year-round sports training and athletic activities that:

Holy Cross offers countless opportunities to participate on competitive or recreational athletic teams. We participate in many sports with competitions across Ontario. 

Our athletes participate in Central Ontario Secondary School Athletics (COSSA), Lake Ontario Secondary School Athletics (LOSSA), and Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSSA) competitions. View each organization's website for eligibility, directors, conveners, transfer policy, and schedules.

We encourage all of our students to reap the benefits of being physically active every day, which includes improved concentration abilities and collaboration skills. Players, coaches, spectators and referees agree to follow our Board's Code of Conduct.



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Administrative Responsibilities

Team Player Prayer

God, let me play well and fairly, by respecting the rules, opponents, and officials. Lead me into treating all participants justly and with dignity. In competing, help me to learn something that matters. Let the competition make me strong but never hostile, humble never boastful. May I rejoice in victory but never let myself rejoice in the adversity of others. If I am fortunate enough to win, allow me to be happy. If I am denied, keep me from envy. Remind me that sports are just games and that I set an example, so help me to ensure that it is a good one.



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Track and Field

HC Hosted Boys' Lacrosse OFSAA June 23'

HC finished with a fourth-place finish for the second straight year. Thank you to all of our sponsors especially, title sponsor Pulse Physio and the volunteers who made this happen!

SPORTS RECAP 2021-2022 The Canes finished off a strong campaign that culminated with five trips to OFSAA, with one OFSAA gold and one antique bronze, one Kawartha Championship, one COSSA Championship, and one COSSA Silver. As well as 3 Kawartha final appearances.

Girls' Senior Soccer - Kawartha Finalists

Girls' Junior Soccer - Kawartha Finalists

Mixed Doubles Tennis - COSSA Silver, OFSAA "A/AA" qualifier

Boys' Varsity Lacrosse - "AA" Kawartha and COSSA Champs; "A/AA" OFSAA Antique Bronze

Track and Field - Advanced 11 athletes to east regionals and two athletes qualified for OFSAA in the 100m and Javelin. 

Girls' Rugby - OFSAA "A/AA" GOLD Champs - a first-ever for the program!

Boys' Rugby - OFSAA "A/AA" Consolation Champs at their first-ever OFSAA tourney!

WINTER SPORTS RECAP 2021-22 - saw our athletes compete through the unknowns and finish out exhibition games in all leagues. #brightfuture

FALL SPORTS RECAP 2021- The Holy Cross Hurricanes finished off a strong fall season with 4 COSSA and 4 Kawartha Championships, as well as 7 Kawartha and 5 COSSA finals appearances, and 3 OFSAA qualifiers! 

Varsity Girls' Basketball - Kawartha and "AA" COSSA Champs; Qualified for OFSAA

Cross Country - One qualifier for OFSAA

Varsity Field Hockey - Kawartha and COSSA Finalists

Junior Football - Kawartha Finalists and "AA" COSSA Champs

Senior Football - Kawartha Champs and COSSA Silver Medalists

Junior Girls' Rugby- Kawartha and "AA" COSSA Champs

Senior Girls' Rugby- Kawartha and "AA" COSSA Champs; Qualified for OFSAA

Senior Boys' Volleyball - Kawartha Finalists