Each Catholic high school in Ontario has a school Chaplain. The Chaplain’s role is to provide pastoral care to staff students and family. Working with the student success team, the Chaplain can offer ongoing support and resources to the community. 

The Chaplain is also responsible, with the Principal, for empowering the school community to live out their faith life. This includes organizing school masses, prayer services, retreats, and faith in action events, both locally and globally. 

Holy Cross also has a beautiful chapel which welcomes every one of all faiths. It is also a space for students to sit quietly, relax and reflect. 

In the Chaplaincy department, we have a very strong Social Justice group, a faith in action group- Hurricanes for Hope. These students are actively involved in planning awareness events, food drives, habitat for humanity builds, just to name a few. 

Holy Cross is a very inclusive, welcoming community, trying to live our motto of “ Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God”- Micah

Chaplaincy Team Leader: Anne Heemskerk 

As part of our faith in action, in the past, Holy Cross volunteered for 10 years in Honduras. Through Friends of Honduran Children, we helped to build schools, orphanages, and many other projects. Since 2016, Holy Cross is now volunteering in Guatemala through Wells of Hope, contributing in a small poor community in the mountains. Over 200 Holy Cross students have volunteered over 11 years, globally, helping in Honduras or Guatemala.